Nov 6, 2006

Feature: Miss Katonic

Goth Girl of the Year


GGotW: How long have you modeled for?
MK: Since I was about 16

GGotW: What got you started?
MK: Working with the Baroness in her latex promos

GGotW: What can you get down to in a corset?
MK: About 18 inches.. maybe less now that i've lost weight

GGotW: What is the origin of the name Miss Katonic?
MK: Miskatonic University, as appears in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft

GGotW: Normally we don't ask about your occupation, but what you list on your MySpace account seems very interesting, could you tell us more about what you do as a Druid?
MK: Oh, haha... this is kind of a geeky reference. I put that down because I love playing D&D and thought it would be funny to those who would recognize it :)

GGotW: What is it about corsetry that you enjoy?
MK: The classic beauty and elegance. I also love how it accentuates the female form

GGotW: You enjoy disturbing others with your performance art. What is the most disturbing performance you've ever been in, in your oppinion?
MK: Well, the most disturbing one is yet to come.. Stay tunes for Miss Katonic as Kali, the Death Goddess of India..

GGotW: Have you ever had an audience member tell you how disturbed a show made them feel?
MK: Well I have had the praise my performance as very moving, which is just as wonderful

GGotW: Is any of your art available to see online?
MK: Well you can see me as Salome in the abstract fetish short film produced and directed by Storm on You Tube or my myspace page. I am also in several websites and music videos

GGotW: What kind of art do you do?
MK: I enjoy sculpting, writing novels and painting. I am looking into finding someplace that teaches glassblowing

GGotW: What do you enjoy about making art?
MK: The creative process is always a liberating feeling. It allows you to release pent up emotion

GGotW: What influences your art?
MK: Solely... my vivid nightmares.

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