Jan 13, 2007

Film: Lost Boys 2

Lost Boys 2, vampireA sequel to the 1987 vampire cult classic, , has been slated to begins shooting sometime in the next few months. Filming will take place in the San Diego, CA area.

There are no plans to release Lost Boys 2 in theaters as it is low budget and is part of Warner Bros. DTV (Direct to Video) strategy.

Not much is known about the film or who is in it, or directing, it is know that the film is about surfing vampires in Southern California.

The rumors regarding a sequel have been floating around since the late 80’s and even was pitching a sequel idea during the 90’s that would have been called The Lost Girls.

It had also been said that executive producer talked about doing a sequel that would show Edgar and Alan Frog A.K.A. The Frog brothers (Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander in the original film) starting a vampire hunting business that would take them to Washington D.C.

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