Dec 6, 2007

News: Site Update

The new Goth Girl of the Week template is up. Please feel free to leave us comments on it at the bottom of this post.

Why did we switch to a new blog template? It was time, and we were having some problems with the add-ons in the sidebars. We are considering this V5.0. There will be some revisions in the coming weeks:

1 Banner Logo
2 colour in sidebars
3 New Date stamp
4 Fix the footer. (currently showing up in the right sidebar)
5 Add boarder.
6 2008 Banner Logo
7 Label Cloud
8 Menu Bar
9 Social Bookmarking
9.a How to add a Digg Button
9.b How to add a Slashdot link
9.c How to add a StumbleUpon Button
9.d How to add a button
9.e How to add a Technorati button
10 Scroll box
11.a added Gothic Search try it on left sidebar
11.b minor rearrangement of sidebars
11.c Added new art work by Ash Vickers

Version 6.0 Now online

Version 7.0 Now online
-Used the Sandollar template
1 added slimbox
2 replace headder with Ash Vickers image.
2.a added Goth Girl of the Week in BlackChancery Font 67.25pt.
2.b added bevel with Alien Skin Eye Candy 5. Settings: Bevel width 55, Height 50, Smoothness 15, Roundcorners 0, Darken Deep Areas 51, Surface rough, BumpDepth 100, BumpSpacing 10
3 started work on retro-ing all Features to Slimbox format.
4 Added ads in header bar.
4.a changed the color of Chrome bar and borders to a #f50fec pink in honor of Pink Shirt Day everyday.
Goth Girl of the Week is a feature model site.

What are we looking for? See our Rules Page.

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