Mar 11, 2008

Feature: Adrynochrome



GGotW: What got you into modeling?
A: I was always told that I was beautiful when I was little, even by strangers, I've grown up knowing that my looks would get me somewhere.

GGotW: How have you enjoyed the experience?
A: So far, it's been a little hard getting the ball really rolling, but yes, the experience that I have had I had thoroughly enjoyed.

GGotW: What's been the best experience?
A: Probably the best experience was winning Richmond's top model for the month of October in 2007, that was pretty sweet.

GGotW: What do you hope is in your future?
A: Money, meeting awesome people and above all- true happiness.

GGotW: You haven't done much Goth modeling, but you say you want to, why?
A: The reason I have not done much, is because I can' find any photographers who will do that type unless I get naked. I like the idea of redefining beauty. There are more beautiful girls out there than the typical blond haired blue eyed cheerleader....and they're so common, they're not sexy, they're not intriguing, they're not exotic.

GGotW: What do you like about Goth?
A: I like the fact that Goth is a culture. A lot of people think that it's just music or a style of dress, but it is so much more, plus goth chicks are way hotter than any other chicks.
GGotW: When your not modeling what keeps you busy?
A: I go to VCU full time, and I work at Sherwin Williams (paint).

GGotW: What about when your not in school or at work?
A: I write poetry, and listen to music; all genres hip-hop, industrial, rap, metal, techno, punk and some pop...mostly industrial though, I love Combichrist. My poetry can be found mostly in my myspace blogs. But also Livejournal-

GGotW: Can you give us a sample of your poerty?
A: Yes. most of my poetry is untitled, because i prefer to allow the reader to paint an image in their mind as to what they believe the poem to be about rather than to have a preconceived notion, however, this one I could not help but title,
Abstract Communication

My ears receive your voice-
Sound waves are transferred to my mind,
They spark an electric impulse which should be converted into comprehensive thought,
But it remains only a picture,
Locked in my mind, for no one else to see
Behind a wall of isolation
Causing a lack of communication
Which overcomes the forces of attraction.
The bond which once existed is broken by the chaotic energy
Created by the frantic behavior of every molecule in my brain.
The only words my mouth can muster are confused fragments.
As i struggle to convey emotion
The frustration increases,
Both yours and mine.
If only i could destroy this barrier-
take a scalpel and some stitches, correct the neuron pathway.
Perhaps there's a way to transfer all of my brain activity onto a reel of film,
materialize the inner working of my mind and play them out on a screen.
Pour some asphalt on this rocky terrain,
Make the drops in this roller coaster a little less steep.
Don't blame yourself,
It only makes me feel less human.
Stop screaming,
This wall isn't soundproof
And if it were physical, i'd smash my fist right through it
Despite the chance of shattered bones.

If you are a professional photographer in the Virgina area and would like to start Adrynochrome's Gothic modeling career contact us, and we'll past your details on to her.

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Anonymous said...

That's really cool pictures you have here. I liked your poetry as well. Looks really gothic.

Anonymous said...

Dope last pic... I'm a dude and that pic is like conservative goth... Hot,Goth chick.......

Anonymous said...

She is a light goth

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was surprised they picked me. Light goth FTW! I don't really consider my style to be goth, I guess it's more what's on the inside lol. Especially some of my taste in music. In contrast, my current boyfriend dresses super goth, but doesn't really listen to music at all and doesn't know any of the songs the DJ plays at the goth club we go to. lol. As an entity though, we are goth.