Apr 1, 2008

Feature: Delilah

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GGotW: How long have you been a part of the goth/fetish scene?
D: Not sure I can answer this question, as there's no such thing as 'goth/fetish scene', or clubs, or anything similar where I live.

I have always been interested in the dark and the occult. Since I was a child. I then fell in love with some artists that have been and still are a great source of inspiration, like for instance Shakespeare, Lovecraft and Poe amongst many others. Those wicked atmospheres, the stories, the art. Beautiful.

Obviously, I know it's not a book or a particular passion that makes you 'goth' or whatever you may want to call it. It's not a matter on how you dress like or what you listen to. It's up to the single person. Everyone is different from each other, and this is good.
The most wrong thing I've ever heard about goths is that they are all alike. They are not. Each
individual is unique in his own way, so the aestethical tastes are, and it does reflect on art and music choices.

So well, back to your question.. in short, 'quite some time' I guess :)

GGotW: When did you start modeling?
D: I 'officially' started back then in 2004. The idea of taking 'certain dark / alternative pictures' popped up way earlier, however -sadly- in my area I couldn't manage to find any photographer familiar with the style or even available to test shoot something that was beyond simple 'fashion' [imho].

The chance came along when I moved to Belgium for some time. I went there to study and I did it almost all of the time. One day I decided to give it a try and I posted a on a photography message board. I got many contacts and emails, however I managed to shoot with a few photographers only, study has always been a priority and I didn't really have much available time. That's how it all started :)

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
D: Many of them, I assume a list would be boring to read :) Just to name a few, Lazarus Walking, Aldo Stefanni, Lionel, The Glory Box, Anticmos and Mark Loré. If you really are interested on a list, the whole thing is on my website :) - I won't bore you here :)

GGotW: What got you started modeling?
D: I just wanted to do something I liked, possibly something that reflected my lifestyle, my thoughts, my passions. This included giving it a try. I loved being part of a piece of art, being part of a story, a fairy tale. This is what lots of people would like to do, so I don't find it strange at all.

Pursuing a modeling career has never been my secret dream. I never dreamt of being a model when I was a child and I never spent too much time on makeup and girly things during my teen years. It's quite funny then I ended up doing so. I love working with talented people because they make beautiful images, I am just a part of the whole thing, but I don't do everything alone, there's often a great team working behind the scenes. I am a canvas to MUA's and a mannequin to photographers. This leads to some pretty images.

GGotW: What kind of outfits do you like?
D: Oh la la, this is the kind of question that should never be asked to a girl, in order to prevent a million items to be listed ;)
Seriously: corsets are a big fetish of mine. I like to squeeze into these pretty torture toys. The more, the better. Other than corsets, I love high heels. I admit my preferences go to platform shoes, up to 8 inches.

As for the outfits, I love latex. A piece of my heart regarding latex is for the uniforms and costumes.. I know that cat woman together with a nurse with an oversized siring are considered cliches nowadays, but you can't deny how sexy, beautiful and shiny they are ;).

Last, but not least, I like gothic clothing. And since 'gothic' is a little bit too general, I would also emphasize on some style, such as renaissance, late 1800 and generally those 'Venetian costumes' you can see while walking on the streets of Venice during Carnival, delightful.

GGotW: Have you been in any Magazines?
D: Yes, I've been in some mags. It's a very nice feeling :)
Regarding this, I have an anecdote. I was shopping with my mother and I reached the 'newspapers & magazines' area of the shop. Out of curiosity, I checked a mag and started peeking at the pages. While doing so, there I see an article about me.

The fact wasn't totally unknown as the mag editors contacted me and requested some info and pics, however I didn't expect to find myself published as I didn't get any notification and stuff. Usually I am told before when I will appear on some mag.

It has been nice. I shown my mom the mag and she was all fuzzy and uber-excited about it.

Pretty, little things that make you happy :)

GGotW: What has been your favorite experience?
D: Being totally honest, I do not have a 'favourite experience' - I am more someone who collects nice experiences and gives the right value to them all. So, there are some that are my faves - however it wouldn't be honest to say there's one only.

I worked with so many people and almost all of them gave me something beautiful to carry in my hearth with me. It would be unfair choosing a single one :)

GGotW: What gets you going in the morning?
D: Uhm, I am not completely sure on what to answer here :). Does 'coffee' work ;)?

GGotW: What drives you through the day?
D: Everything I do usually gives me a reason to go on. People I love, things to do, work. It's the Life concept.

GGotW: What excites you at night?
D: There are two different kind of 'nights' that are remarkable.
One is the silent one: when it snows, and everything is white, soft, fluffy and silent. The other one is the noisy one: thunderstorms play well in this case. In both cases the feeling is so beautiful :)

GGotW: What do you like to shoot?
D: I like the alternative style, which indeed comprehends a wide range of sub-styles, including general dark, goth, fetish, cosplay, fantasy and so on. I like to shoot all of these styles and I do it

with the same enthousiasm every time. I love it when great styling is featured and when the projects are colorful, bizarre, unusual.

GGotW: What wont you shoot?
D: I wouldn't shoot porn or erotic pics involving nude. At all. It absolutely doesn't interest nor suits me. I respect people who do it, obviously, but it's not what I am looking forward to do :)

GGotW: What have you shot that you didn't like?
D: I could say everything I shot, I liked. However, some times in the past I wasn't really pleased with the results. I probably expected something more than couple of photoshop effects applied on couple of pictures after a day of hard work - and once it happened that even the photographer I was working with wasn't really the kind of person I expected.

It happens, there's nothing wrong with it. It's experience and if it doesn't go as you expected the first time, you can give it another try, why not. It depends on the situation, what you are looking for and on what your first expectations were :)

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Pink Bunny said...

These are beautiful pics. Great model. I especially love the blue dress and the ways she's lit.

Missy said...

not to be mean but how the hell did you win? you werent even in the running!

Admin said...

It would help if you read through the rules and the posts here. All of the Goth Girl of the Week were in the running and the public vote was only a small part of it.

"... how the hell did you win." is mean.

Missy said...

sorry i didnt mean it in a mean way. what i meant was in a shocked way

but my ? for you admin is why even have a public vote then if alllll those votes really didnt matter and you obviously knew who you wanted from the start. thats just getting everyones hopes uo and its shady. it isnt fair. it should be a vote either all you guys or all us, not both!

Admin said...

The purpose of having the public vote was it increase participation and to create a tiebreaker, as the first year there were only four members of GGotW. The public vote was the deciding factor that year but not last year, so we didn't see the system as being broken.

Now we know it is and are working to solve the issue for next year. We would like to see some form of weighted vote, but when 1 person is voting numerous times to stuff the ballot, we need to find a method to eliminate that from happening.