Aug 6, 2008

Feature: Alina

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Photographers are Igor Pavlov and Arseniy Grobovnikov


GGotW: How old are you?

Alina: I am nineteen years old.

GGotW: How long have you modeled?

Alina: Earlier I worked in for a model management, but I can't really call it a job. They didn't give me any useful experience, and I had to do some things that weren't interesting to me at all. After one year of working there I left them, as I got keen on dancing. In fetish and Gothic style I have worked for 1 year approximately.

GGotW: What started you modeling?

Alina: I've always been searching for something bright and unusual.

I tried myself in singing, journalism, worked as a gogo-dancer and studied in an actor faculty.

I always felt like I was missing something important, and had a great shortage of showing my worth, and I knew that I had to try something else.

One day I saw pictures of Dita Von Teese in the web, and she inspired me a lot. I understood that I had to unite my sexuality, that was growing from day to day, gothic style, that I really had passion for, and fetishness, cause I always was really crazy about all these amazing corsets, sensual stockings and brilliant latex outfits.

GGotW: Some of your images show you in corsets. Are you into corsetry?

Alina: Yes, and corsets are my passion really! In fact, I began modeling because of them... I always had a soft spot for woman's shapes, tighten into corsets, and my first shoot was in corset too. I find a special delight in feeling stretch tighten and a special beauty in changed forms - I love extreme corsets, when your waist is so narrow that looks like something cosmic. I can tighten myself up to 48-49 cm. I began wearing corsets when I was 16.

GGotW: What is the best modeling job you've gotten so far?

Alina: I've worked for our First Alternative TV, took part in 3 videos of Russian Gothic and industrial bands, and was featured in several mags... But now I've chosen my 2 favorite photographers and we're preparing some special content for my personal site, and I can say, I feel so free, I create all the plots of the shoots myself. I feel great pleasure, cause I know that every one of my ideas can come true!! I really love these people and adore their professionalism, so I enjoy every minute of our work

GGotW: What is the Moscow Gothic scene like?

Alina: Well, our Gothic scene is much more developed than the Fetish scene. We've got a lot of Gothic parties and gigs, and this style was VERY popular in our country some years ago. It was really very sad to see that Moscow turned into Baby Goth's city, and they perverted Gothic aesthetic a lot these days... Our cemetery's couldn't bear their terrifying attacks, a lot of graves were ruined, and all these things were done under cover of "Gothic style". However, it's nice to see that nowadays everything returned to its places and this horrible chapter of "Gothic style" has gone away.

GGotW: What would you like to see happen with the Moscow Goth community?

Alina: Frankly speaking, I think, that everything is OK. We have Gothic mags, gigs, parties, famous characters, and I'm happy that the bad Gothic influence has left us and now the subculture is mostly true.

GGotW: What part are you playing in the development of Russia's Fetish/Gothic industry?

Alina: I'm one of the first Russian models. Even 4 years ago it was rare for people to know what "fetish" meant. Now sometimes it is really very hard to prove that if I'm wearing latex outfits for example - it doesn't mean that I'm a terrible pervert, satanist, and eat kittens. Russian people have got a lot of awful stereotypes, and I think that we need some years to break them. I do my best to improve their opinion and to show that fetish and Gothic style can be very beautiful, sexy and even elegant. I really enjoy being in the scene, and to have straight contact with the public, to see their reaction, and I decided that the time has come for the first Russian fetish-show. I had no problems in finding suitable girls, and I'm proud to say that this summer Perish visited Moscow and we did 2 performances together.

GGotW: What do you do when you're not modeling?

Alina: I'm a usual girl. I eat, sleep, go to university, visit parties and gigs, and need love and care, as any other girl. Not everything in my life goes well, sometimes I have unlucky periods, sometimes people break my heart, sometimes another's envy ruins my plans, but I try to find power to go further and to overcome the difficulties.

When I have free time, I prefer going to theatres and reading classical literature. I adore Russian classics.

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