Apr 9, 2007

Whitby Gothic Weekend

Whitby Goth WeekendIf modern-day Goth-dom had a birthplace I would have to say it was England, probably somewhere on the streets of London. Now the home of Whitby welcomes back it's childe to celebrate for the weekend.

Seems the Noth Yorkshire town of Whitby hosts the twice a year, this year its April 27 & 28 and then again in October on the weekend of the 26th & 27. Last years events included a service by the Rev. Marcus Ramshaw, who is a goth himself.

This years bands include:
, , Dust,
, , ,

So what does Whitby have to do with Goths? Whitby was inspirational to Stoker and was where he shipwrecked the Demeter, the Russian ship that brings Dracula to English shores, its also where the name .

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