Nov 14, 2015

Feature: Tamara Simic

FacebookTamara Simic
EtsySardony Lace
Height5' 7" (169cm)

GGotW: When did you start modeling?
TS: I could say I started modeling in 2010 when a jewelry designer from Belgrade asked me to do a photo shoot along with several other models. Since then I’ve worked with different photographers,
in studios and in the open.

GGotW: What designers have you worked with?
TS: I would like to mention Milena Grbovic and her brand Villena Viscaria Clothing. She’s a young designer and corset maker from Belgrade and most of the clothes I’m wearing in photos were designed by her. I’ve modeled for her since 2011, but ever since I started making jewelry, we’ve been working together as sort of a designer team. We’ve worked with some great models over the years and I would like to mention Obsidian Kerttu and the Gothic Wedding inspired editorial we did with her for this year’s second edition of Gothic and Amazing magazine.

GGotW: Have you ever walked a runway?
TS: Many times since 2010, both as a model and a designer (in collaboration with Villena Viscaria

GGotW: What kinds of things do you make?
TS: It’s mainly gothic jewelry and I use all kinds of materials except actual silver, gold, etc. My shop is called Sardonyx Lace and you can find it on I also have a Facebook page where you can contact me for custom orders. I make chokers, necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and I recently
started working on some headpieces.

GGotW: What other things do you do artistically?
TS: I love to draw and I’m very interested in portraits. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to practice and I kind of feel bad about that. I haven’t given up though; I know I’ll get better at it at some point.

GGotW: Do you draw your stuff out first?
TS: Actually, I rarely do that. I usually don’t forget my own ideas or custom orders, but I do find quick sketches useful when I have to make several pieces in a short period of time (for fashion shows or photo shoots with several models). They’re always kind of messy and sometimes I change my mind during the process, so I usually throw them away once I’m done making the jewelry.

GGotW: You're a singer, what kind of stuff do you do?
TS: I’ve been in vocal training for opera singers for the last five years. Right now I’m preparing for a concert in December but besides that I’m just working on my technique. I’m a lyric coloratura soprano which basically means I can hit really high notes quite easily. In the past I’ve mostly sang in student concerts and contests and I occasionally join my friend’s band on stage.

GGotW: What is the name of your friends band?
TS: It's Lost Boys, they are a tribute band.

GGotW: What would be your favorite role as a Lyric coloratura?
TS: I can’t tell which one would be my favorite because there are so many (over 60) and I’m not even familiar with most. These are some of the roles I’ve sung so far (one aria at least): Adele (Die Fledermaus – Johann Strauss),  Lisa (La Sonnambula - Bellini), Oscar (Un ballo in maschera - Verdi), Susanna (The Marriage of Figaro - Mozart), Zerlina (Don Giovanni - Mozart). The one I’m looking forward to is Olympia from “The Tales of Hoffmann” by Offenbach. My voice could also be described as soprano acuto sfogato or “stratospheric coloratura soprano” which is a common name for sopranos who have an upper extension above F6.

GGotW: Does that mean you can hit and hold a note to break glass?
TS: That is a common myth. One of the ways you can break glass with sound is by hitting the exact frequency of its natural oscillation. That means it has nothing to do with high pitched sounds as much as it has to do with measuring the oscillation frequency, positioning your mouth at the right angle and distance and being loud enough. Sometimes it can happen by accident, but this
is very rare. A similar technique can be used to destroy buildings and bridges.

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Oct 31, 2015

Feature: Villy V


GGotW: When did you start modeling?
VV: I started modeling when I was 19. My best friend wanted to study photography and I was her model for portfolios. Some experienced photographers had seen her photos of me and invited me to pose for them. Soon after that I started to pose in Photoklub Zagreb, but it was just a part time job to earn some extra money during my studies. My first real engagement was in 2012 when I was acting in a commercial for an internet provider in Croatia. My face had appeared on billboards, in newspapers and magazine ads, and in a TV commercial that was banned on national television because of controversy (you can see it here). A year ago I founded DAMNmodels agency with my boyfriend and I'm one of the models there. Through the agency I work for a number of alternative brands!

GGotW: What attracts you to the gothic style?
VV: I've always been a gothic soul! When I was a kid I had seen some gothic people and was fascinated with their image, in a high school I started listening to goth music and I'm still a big fan of Clan of Xymox and Sisters of Mercy. So, gothic style is my natural choice.

GGotW: What is your connection to Gothic and Amazing Magazine?
VV: My friend somehow met the owner of G&A - Sil, and started to work with her on the magazine. Sil had some problems with her former designer so my friend recommended me to help. After the designer left the team, I took over the job of layout and design for the magazine.

GGotW: Do you only work in Croatia?
VV: I work in Croatia but many brands send me their clothes from USA, UK and around the world. Also, I'm always ready to travel anywhere if it's a good engagement! I still have not worked outside of Croatian but I'd love it soon!

GGotW: Besides modeling, what kind of art do you do?
I have a masters in graphic design so I do design. Mainly, album covers, merchandise and websites for various bands.
I'm also a photographer. I started with photography in college and I realized I love it! Today, it's my hobby but also, it's my real job. I prefer to photograph people as well as landscapes and architecture.

GGotW: If you could work outside of Croatia, where would you like to go?
VV: I like to travel and I visited a lot of countries in last few years. I like to discover some new places so I would like to go somewhere where I've never been. Also, I visited London many times but I always love to come back, so I would like to work there as well. Even I would like to find full time job in London and move there someday, but in this moment it's too complicated

GGotW: Does DAMN only have Croatian models or are you across Europe?
VV: DAMNmodels is sill new and small agency and we have Croatian models but situation in Croatia is not good and young people are leaving, so big percent of our models are not Croatian based anymore. Our model Nika lives in Denmark, Lady MacBeth lives in Graz, Greta MaCabre moved in Shanghai few months ago and Nea Dune moved in Los Angeles. Our ex model Iskra moved to Switzerland so she left the agency. Many girls from different European countries want to be our models, but in this moment we don't have the means to provide them engagements so I it makes no sense for them to join our agency in this moment.

GGotW: Can you name some of the bigger clients that you do Graphic Design for?
VV: In fact, I still didn't work for bigger clients as freelance designer. I'm working as a photographer, web and layout designer in Playboy Croatia, but Playboy is my employer, not client. As freelance designer, I worked banners for The Gothic Shop, websites, merchandise and artworks for some still unknown metal bands (but i believe they will be popular in the future) like Dienamic and Fuel For Disaster from Norway, D.Hate from Ukraine, Rising Dream, Rapid Strike, Infernal Tenebra and Avicularia from Croatia etc. I'm also working for some legendary Croatan / Ex-Yu band because my boyfriend is a music manager so I'm always in touch with bands. Once I got the chance to design a cover for compilation CD in Terrorizer Magazine (something like Fear Candy). It was "Beast from the East" compilation with eastern European bands.

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Oct 17, 2015

Feature: VenusMantrap


GGotW: How did you start modeling?
VMt: I started mostly by accident. I was playing around with a friend and a bunch of costumes, and it all kind of grew out of that. A shame I lost touch with that friend. We had such fun together!
Of course, I have almost everything to thank Tajana Stasni, a great friend who asked me to model for her shop and her fashion shows!

GGotW: What do you do when you're not modeling?
VMt: When I'm not modeling I work in an office as a case manager. I am also attending university again. I used to study ethnology and the German language, but I switched to a different university and now I am studying computer engineering. I also love to play computer games, read, or spend time with my loved ones. I am also a columnist for the Altvenger magazine.

GGotW: Who are you favorite bands?
VMt: Oh that is a horribly difficult question! I never really think of bands in terms of favourite. I guess it mostly depends on the mood, I am an old school girl deep down, so you can always find some Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus or Siouxsie and the Banshees in my music player. I am also very fond of Sopor Aeternus, ORE, Deine Lakaien, VNV nation...and oh, Abney Park, of course!

GGotW: What photographers do you work with the most
VMt: One of my favourite photographers is Marija Buljeta, we have been working together for years now. Izidor Tachkowsky is also someone I enjoyed working with, he is always telling a story, and I enjoy being a part of it!

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Oct 10, 2015

Feature: Eleine

Jewelry/Edit: Eleine        Photo:Rikard Ekberg

GGotW: When did you start modeling?
Eleine: In 2012.
Photo: Rickard Ekberg
Outfit: Dragon Chain

GGotW: What got you started modeling?
Eleine: I was just taking some pictures to make a portfolio as a singer, and several photographers mentioned that I should model more, I was very easy to photograph they said. So I made contact with a model agency and was accepted - but almost all the connection I've made with the brands I've worked with I've made myself, or thanks to the founder of Gothic and Amazing, Sil Costa, she's been an angel and supportive since the very start.

GGotW: Where are you based?
Eleine: In the south of Sweden.

GGotW: Do you ever model outside of sweden?
Eleine: I would, but thus far I've been able to do everything in Sweden, at our very own studio. So when working for brands outside Sweden they send over the items to our studio.

GGotW: Who have you modeled for?
Eleine: To mention a few; Odium Clothing, Sinister, Hysteria Machine, Forge Fashion Nocturne Jewellry, Elegant Curiosities, Fairytas, Lena Quist, Sinners & Saviours, made the cover of Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine earlier this year, and many other brands that I'm very proud of been working with.

GGotW: Speaking of Tattoos, is there a story behind the large clock?
Eleine: Yes and no. I've always loved that type of clock. It's very beautiful. My grandma owned one that she left me after she passed away and it means a lot to me. One day my tattoo artist showed me an idea she had, and when I saw that it was almost the exact same clock she had sketched, I immediately fell for it.
Band: Eleine
Photo: Gisela Ackerup

GGotW: When did you start your band?
Eleine: The whole idea of Eleine started about 2011/2012, but we were a complete band late 2013.

GGotW: How did you meet the members of your band?
Eleine: Rikard, our guitarist, and I met in 2012. Then we got in touch with Andreas, David and Sebastian through and old friend of mine, and we felt the last pieces took place in the puzzle.

GGotW: How would you describe your music?
Eleine: Seductive, style and monumental. This is Eleine,
including the music. Beautiful symphonic metal with dark intent.

Photo: Rickard Ekberg
Outfit: Sinister
Headpiece: Nocturne Jewellry
GGotW: How many Albums have you released?
Eleine: One! Our first album "ELEINE" was released April 18th.
Before that we released two singles, "Gathering Storm" and "Land Beyond Sanity".

GGotW: Who does the writing for the band?
Eleine: For our first album Rikard and I with a producer from Cardiac Records wrote the music together. Now, Rikard and I do the main part of writing. Never excluding anybody, all good ideas are welcome.

GGotW: Any plans for the band to tour?
Eleine: We're working on the tour plan right now.

GGotW: Rikard seems to be a talented photographer, did you meet him as a photographer first or a guitarist?
Eleine: Yes he his! But we met because of the music at first. The photography skills showed up later on and I'm very happy about that! He snaps the shots and I edit the photos. We make a good team!

Eleine: We really want to thank everybody for their loyal support. It means a lot to us. And for the ones who don't know who we are, check us out and like our page on Facebook and follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify

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