Feb 25, 2007

Feature: Vampire Kitten

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GGotW: What got you into the Gothic lifestyle?
VK: I would have to say the Fashion overall, or at least the anti-fashion. I'm more into romantic styled dress and venetian masquerade styled goth.

GGotW: What is your definition of Gothic Lifestyle?
VK: My definition, well it's hard to define the goth per say, as it falls into MANY different categories and subcultural spin offs. I would have to say that above all, Goth is about intellectual individuals who adore different periods of dark fashion, music, literature, and art.

GGotW: Where do you live?
VK: Southern California, all over. I love the cites, Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena, and all of Orange County. I don't ever want to leave.

GGotW: Do you work in the gothic community, or do you work somewhere that you can dress goth?
VK: As in work, I assume you mean an actual job. I work in the Paranormal, Metaphysical, and Ammunition area. I have my own radio show that I co-host with my fiancee about the Vampire subculture and the occult, I do much in the vampire community overall, and I work a regular day job making Ammunition (and I love it, who else can say they go to work to blow things up).
My style has never been much of a problem, it puts people off a bit, but in the end they realize that I am just like them only a bit more elegant. I never felt that I have to hide who I am, nor will I ever, people just have to understand that having a more diverse work place makes things fun.

GGotW: What draws you to pose and model in the gothic style?
VK: The allure and mystery of it all. When you stop and look at a Bud Light Babe or a Playboy Bunny, you see everything. Their personality, sexuality, sensuality, and girlie bits. It's different with alternative modeling, I love the 50's vamps and femme fatales, I want so much to be like them although I know it will never happen. They create a certain sense of mystery, fear, and seduction that you don't see in Maxim or Playboy and I love it.

GGotW: Who does most of your pictures?
VK: My fiancee, it's easy and it's helping him develop his photography. It's a win win situation, I am very comfortable with him. Sometimes I do my own photography.

GGotW: Have you been paid to model?
VK: I'm still starting out, so no I have not gotten paid to do what I do. Just trying to build my portfolio and resume (which is becoming impressive if I do say so myself).

GGotW: What is your favorite image to date?
VK: My favorite would have to be the "Hollywood Dream", it just screams controversy, which is one of my favorite things if you haven't already guessed. So many people claim to know what it means, they all see it as so many different things. For example: The Movie Industry, Porn Industry, Trends and Fads in Hollywood, Sexual Fetishes, etc.

GGotW: What do you have planned for the future?
VK: A coffee table book, I don't want to reveal to many details, but it will be like a macabre fairytale pin-up book.

GGotW: Where can people find you on the net?
My portfolio, gallery, and personal stats.
My artwork and photography
My myspace is

GGotW: Do you have any advice for people looking to model and get into the community?
VK: My advice, don't ever give up no matter what, if people tell you that your never going to succeed then prove them wrong (this includes those of you under 5'5" which is minimum height for modeling). Use your common sense, no webcam shots, have someone take your first photos for you, start on a good modeling network such as ModelMayhem and set down some rules for yourself.
Another important thing, as tempting as it may be, Suicide Girls will not make you big in a hurry. If you are trying to break away from it and go for high fashion, you will ALWAYS have that dent in your past.

GGotW: Tell us about your fangs, who made them and why did you go with custom made?
VK: I knew this question was coming. My fangs, well I had a fangsmith in Southern California do them, he goes by the name of Psykic Fangs. I went with custom because I was sick of seeing all of these vampire character models with plastic, unrealistic, and scarecrow fangs all over the place. I helped him out, got him going, even modeled for his site and now he's a success and great at what he does. I wear them for more than just modeling, they make me feel good and I think are a beautiful accessory to everyday life. The looks and comments I get are good more often than not and I love the reactions that I get out of them. He does mail orders, but prefers walk ins.

GGotW: Current hair colour?
VK: Poppy Red, it was a nightmare to get looking as good as it does.

GGotW: Why that colour?
VK: I wanted something different, I was tired of looking like Rogue from X-men (which is the way my hair was before). I did it mostly for my BloodRayne cosplay and decided I liked it, so It's been this way since October 2005.

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