May 3, 2007

Feature: Arachna

One Model Place


GGotW: Where are you from?
A: I was born in Morganton, NC. At the tender age of two my family decided to move to Rutherfordton,NC due to excellent job opportunites for both of my parents. I resided there up until recently when I decided to move to Charlotte, NC. I make frequent trips back to my small hometown to visit my family and friends.

GGotW: Can you describe your gothic lifestyle?
A: I find myself breaking the mold that society has, sadly, put on the gothic community. Like so many others, I always appreciate having a good time. I try not to dwell on the diappointments that life brings, but the rewards it offers. I'm always looking to have fun. I don't allow closed minded people to upset me. That is what's so great about the gothic genre are the sub genres that society is to blind to see. There are not any other lifestyles that can borrow from other types of lifestyles. It's not a weekend thing or a every other day sort of thing. It's everyday. If I were to be categorized it would definately have to be gothic punk. This can be seen in my fashion, musical taste, hobbies, choices in entertainment, etc.

GGotW: What is the gothic community like in your area?
A: Most of the clubs in the area have certain nights a month that cater to the gothic community. For example, Purgatory is held the second Saturday of every month at Amos Southend. It has a very industrial theme.

GGotW: What got you into modeling?
A: Even as a young girl I loved staring at myself in the mirror and being photographed. My mother almost entered me into a beauty pagent at the age of 4. I suppose I lucked up when she decided to back out. I also majored in television broadcasting. I anchored and reported for the local cable companies local college news and also interned for Asheville, NC news. I love being in front of the camera and thought it would be perfect for me to model since I didn't really fit the whole news reporter image.

GGotW: When did you start?
A: I started modeling for photographers portfolios a few years ago. I became the official model for the industrial band, "Madams", a little less that a year ago.

GGotW: What got you into acting?
A: In high school I took some ATV courses and that inspired me to major in Radio/TV broadcasting. I then found myself anchoring the college news on a local cable channel. I also reported for the show. I found myself being in a lot of videos for my classmates. I interned for WLOS-Asheville. Once I graduated from college, I found myself not really interested in pursuing that career.

GGotW: What have you done as an actress?
A: I have been in a couple of horror films that one of my friends produced. One was a zombie movie titled, Picking at Your Brain. The other was a vamp movie titled, Bloody Forgiveness. I had a great time doing both.

GGotW: What do you collect?
A: Munster's memorabilia-There is history behind that. Sunglasses-I have about 24 pair or so- I do wear my sunglasses at night! Halloween antiques and decorations- I have loved Halloween since I was a small child. And Halloween socks and stockings-Hey, every girl should accessorize from head to toe!

GGotW: What is your fascination with The Munsters?
A: It all goes back to the 80's. I remember my father and I watching it together when I was young. It was one of the few shows that made my father laugh so hard he would have to catch his breath afterwards. He loved Grandpa's crazy schemes. I have collected Munsters Memorabilia since 2002, when my father passed away. When I look at my collection it takes me back to that part of my childhood.

The MadamsGGotW: What does being the "official" model entail with the band "Madams"?
A: My image can be found in their album art, their flyers, their merchandise, etc. I also go on the road to make appearances at performances. I am there for shock-value. I am going to be colaborating with them on a few upcoming tracks.

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Hefftone said...

The News could use a girl like you. An all goth news channel would probably get more people watching it than FOX. (I want cash for this idea.)
Bring that foxy shit out to my gig Sunday. We'll get crunk on Crown while everyone is at church.
Head Hefftone

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You're looking awesome! Best wishes and love, Jenni

spaceygracey said...

Such a goddess. I love love love this woman with all my heart. Known her since high school where we hit if off swimmingly. We just loved shocking all of the "normal" people in school. Screw normal, freaks have more fun! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Excellent choice for Girl of the Week! Arachna is always such a beauty, and so photogenic... Congrats, Darling!

Nata-bot said...

Gorgeous! Interesting, confident, intelligent, and beautiful. A perfect choice. :)

Anonymous said...

The World can Never have enough of Shadowy Women like you. And something tells me you wont' be going to any gig Sunday instead of mainly recuperating from the long, arduous, yet deliciously "Orgiastic" party on Saturday. But while the good sheep are at church we WILL definately be getting our kicks. See you then. Great job Gorgeous.

Seraphine said...

I love the boots! I love the boots! The best thing about being goth is wearing boot like that. /hugs

Anonymous said...

You always look amazing in pictures, altough I always loved the pics of you, with you.. just being "you". No goth poses, no over the top make up. Then I again, I liked being in your presence, holding you hand, over your pics anyway. Pics will never do those eyes justice.
Congrats on getting this "award".