May 21, 2007

Feature: Whitembrace

Snow Whitembrace


Whitembrace is a photographer/graphic designer first. She owns a professional photography and graphic studio/shop. (She’s a Digital Design grad): she has started to stand on the camera’s other side, trying to experiment on herself new techniques,enlightenments and outfits. So she began doing modeling too, improving and growing. She’s very interested in proposing her Mediterranean attitude, Italian style and sensuality mixed to obscure/gothic and fetish topics. She’s experienced in doing her own make up, hairstyles, and she’s able to take care of her photosets, including lights, backgrounds and post editing.

Snow WhitembraceShe’s featured by many digital artist using her image in their gothic/fantasy artworks. You can see some on her Deviantart account. She appeared on the DVD Cover for Res Scream Film Production, Vampyres, featured on Red Scream Magazine (USA) and waiting for several covers of other USA magazines. She can be found on few Italian magazines for modelling/interviews, and her singing activity: she sings and has studied music since she was 7 years-old, appearing in studio albums and demos as back-up vocalist. She’s a member of Whores Of Babylon Modeling Agency (Uk based) and Satanic Sluts Army (Uk)

Web Pages:

Location: Rome,Italy

Date Of Birth: 15 August 1984

Music: Heavy,Death,Thrash,Gothic,New Wave,Hardcore,Southern,Rockabilly,Alternative,Post Rock,Grunge

Movies: Anything about Alfred Hitchcock! Also Tim Burton and David Lynch.

Books: The Young Werther's Sorrows, everything about english and french '800 literature

Likes: Traveling,Photography,Imaging,Working,New cultures and languages.everything's wicked and creepy!

Dislikes: Dependent, weak and depressive people, cigarettes and smokers, lazy people,disorder, lack of organization.

GGotW: Where are you from?
WeB: I'm italian, I live near Rome

GGotW: When did you start modeling?
WeB:I model since 2003

Whitembrace with AppleGGotW: What got you started in modeling?
WeB:I started in modeling just for fun, being daughter of a professional photographer

GGotW: What kind of modeling did you start with?
WeB:I started doing gothic stuff, trying to build the way to look I had in my mind

GGotW: How would you describe your Gothic style?
WeB: It's a very classy one, I like to appear as a "femme fatale" mixed with deadly Mediterranean features.

GGotW: Have you done anything else, like acting?
WeB: I study singing since 1998 and I perform since I was a child. Also I acted for three years when at school.

GGotW: How do you dress on a normal day?
WeB: I'm very normal,I like to wear the right dress at the right moment :)

GGotW: What are your next projects?
WeB: I'm going to appear on a US magazine cover in June, and tons of new photoshoot of course! My style is changing in something more rétro and sophisticated.

GGotW: What is your involvement with Red Scream Films?
WeB: I achieved the back cover of the next Red Scream Magazine special issue and my "vampirized" lips are on their latest DVD cover "Vampyres"

GGotW: How did you get started with Red Scream Films?
WeB: I got involved with RS thanks to my Uk based modeling agency ,RS related, "Whores Of Babylon", which always supportes me and adviced me in having the right taste and attitude to appear on that cover.

GGotW: What other kind of modeling do you do?
WeB: I love to do rockabilly and fifties modeling too!

WeB: GGotW: What do you do when you're not modeling?
I do photography as my main job/activity,graphic and I attend my singing lesson.

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Seraphine said...

It's always interesting to see how *busy* talented people are! When something needs to be done, the best person to accomplish it is someone who's busy. They will *make* time to do it.