Dec 2, 2009

Goth Girl of The Year 2009

2009 has brought us some great films; Star Trek, Coraline, Watchmen and Avatar, and unfortunately New Moon. Google brought us Chrome and Wave, Youtube gave us Susan Boyle and Muppet's Bohemian Rhapsody. 9/9/9 gave us a great new set of Beatles releases and game and a crappy over-hyped movie.

in 2009 we lost David Carradine, John Hughes, Alfred A. Knopf, Les Paul and of course we all mourned the passing of the Thriller and Micheal Jackson.

Here at GGotW we got 12,300 visitors per month, up from last years 11,700. We brought you 24 Goth Features and the new slimbox feature. Now we'reready to start the process of selecting this year's Goth Girl of the Year (GGotY). We have a wide array to chose from this year, 11 from the USA, 4 from south of the equator and 8 from across Europe, including 2 from Romania. No still no Canadians or anyone from Africa?

In the past we have invited you, the reader, to vote for your favorite. It was only meant to be a small part of the selection process. It was never supposed to be a popularity contest, or who has the most fans, or can cheat the best. This year those who were GGotW and our dedicated Inner Circle will make the selection. Sorry there just doesn't seem to be a fair way to allow the public to participate. But we would love to hear your comments, what were your top moments of 2009, who was your favorite GGotY? leave us a comment.

We'll be making our announcement in January 2010.

Want to be GGotY 2010? We are always looking for submissions. 2010-Lets make contact.

Scarlett St. Vitus
USA South

Madely Selket
Dark Doll
Costa Rica
Poison Kandi
USA MidWest
Razor Candi
USA East Coast
Marlo Marquise
USA East Coast
Miss Mischief
USA East Coast
Felina Fetishdoll
Lady Nex
New Zealand
DoriBot aRama
USA East Coast
Amy O'Conner
USA East Coast
Talvi von denVinterfallen
Violet Arcane
USA East Cost
Amiria Divine
USA Mid-West
Darth Spanky
USA East Coast
Vicious Kurai
USA West


Gothic said...

Very good..Thanks..Gothic

Brian said...

Amy, Sknless, Spanky and Kurai are absolutely gorgeous. All are but those would be my favorites

Anonymous said...

yeah... on a small monitor screen you can't see some of the models off to the right, kind of unfair if you don't have a new 20" monitor.

Anonymous said...

Marlo Marquise, Razor Candi, Miss Mischief

punkin said...

kurai & fetish doll <3

rox said...

great post, will definitely come back for updates!

Nuno said...

My favourite is Marlo Marquise . She has beautiful pics here and in other sites .